Thursday 30 March 2023

Relocation issues

Are candidates not ready to relocate? Are you missing out on great candidates due to relocation?

The key here is to have the skills and resources to attract qualified candidates, and to help them understand perks of relocation. As a hiring manager, you need to sell the job and location. Also, understand their perspective by understanding their challenges for relocation. Here are a few things;
  • Company culture: People prefer to work for an organisation having a great culture. Employees want to work in a positive environment where they learn new things. As a hiring manager try to highlight company values to the candidate.
  • Offer flexibility: Relocation is a big decision for the candidates. Offering flexibility makes it easy. Be flexible with dates and office hours for the initial period.
  • Benefits: Offering more benefits like relocation bonus, joining bonus, helps with accommodation can attract candidates to join the organisation. As a hiring manager, be ready to negotiate on the financial part.
As a hiring company, you can’t think only about the needs of the company, the need of candidates is equally important. Think about it and make the relocation easy for the candidates too!

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Tuesday 28 March 2023

Candidate shortlisting

Candidate shortlisting is the cornerstone of the recruitment process. If you create a perfect shortlisting strategy, hiring will become very easy. Creating a shortlisting method can streamline the screening process and help to shortlist the best candidates.

In recruitment process, shortlisting is the next step of screening. Before interviewing, candidates are shortlisted on the basis of CV, skills, seniority levels etc. Here are the quick tips to follow while shortlisting the candidates.
  • Shortlisting criteria: Decide the criteria as per job description and stick to the criteria while looking at the resume. Criteria can contain educational level, years of experience, language fluency, location.
  • Create a matrix: Design the matrix with mandatory criteria and technical skills, notice period etc and take decision based on the matrix.
  • Intimation to candidates: Notify the shortlisted candidates with congratulation message and further actions or process. Also, rejected candidates should be informed with the valid reason.
To improve the productivity of shortlisting process, many software can be used. This software reduces the time of hiring and improve quality of shortlisting.

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Monday 27 March 2023

Soft Skills

Have you ever considered what makes a good recruiter? Or, which soft skills do recruiters require?

The need for skills in the company is changing day by day for every industry and every department. Then why will recruitment be an exception? Companies nowadays are focusing more on transferable skills.

As per recent studies, adaptability, problem-solving and communication are the major soft skills that companies are looking for in recruiters. As a recruiter, these are the must-have skills to identify the top talent for the business.

Being a successful recruiter involves continuously learning and improving your skills, whether technical skills like working with new recruiting software or soft skills like presentation & active listening.

We have an experienced team of recruiters with the skills.

Try using our expertise to hire a suitable talent for your business!

Friday 24 March 2023

Transformation is not a future event, it’s a present-day activity!!

Have you noticed changes in the recruitment process post-pandemic? Is this a permanent change? Not only the recruitment process but every process at the workplace has changed drastically.

The recruitment process, the daily schedule of an employee, hiring requirements, work setup, and employee expectations everything changed. Majorly, three areas got impacted;

Changes in hiring needs: Few industries faced mass laid offs however other industries demanded new people. Due to lockdown scenarios, many companies had to shut down their operations permanently which forced them to put a hold on recruitment needs.

Change in the recruitment process: Due to the lockdown, the isolation company started working from home for all their employees. So, there was no option left to conduct virtual interviews and virtual onboarding programmes. Shifting a complete recruitment process online was a big challenge for the companies.

Are you ready to face the challenges due to these changes?
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Wednesday 22 March 2023

Social media hiring: A new trend in industry!!

Not getting enough applications? Not able to find the suitable candidates? If there are billions of people using social media regularly, then why should recruiters stay behind? The finest free tool for talent identification is social media! You should take advantage of it as a recruiter and put tactics in place to enhance your hiring strategies.

Social media recruiting refers to the use of social media for job posting, research, and networking to find top talent throughout the world. The advantages of using social media for recruitment are as follows:

Job visibility: The major and most significant advantage of social media is that job postings may be distributed across all channels to attract the best candidates. The entire world will be notified of the open vacancies in just a few clicks.

Customised job posting: Jobs can be posted on social media with questions that are specifically tailored to the experience level, industry, and job description. This aids in obtaining more relevant job profiles.

Connecting with the potential candidates: Prospective candidates can be contacted immediately through social media, which aids in communication and in establishing a context for conversation.

LinkedIn is the most successful network for hiring because it was created with job searchers, employers, and company owners in mind. Also, this platform provides a wide range of search options that can be used for hiring personnel.

We at AideWiser utilise all the social media platforms to hire the right candidates for your business!

Monday 20 March 2023

Automation is important to amplify human efforts!!

Why to do hard work when you can perform smart work with the help of software? Now a days, smart work is preferred over the hard work. Same applies to the HR industry also.

Use of automation, makes your life easy and in turn you invest more time in doing more productive tasks. HR software helps you to shortlisting of the candidates, automate replies to the candidates, tracking of interviews, performance in the interviews etc.

Here are the most important benefits of using the software in HR industry.

  • Less paperwork: Use of automation reduces paperwork which indirectly saves environment and reduce your work as well.
  • Data driven decision: Automation helps maintaining and analysing large amount of data in few seconds. That provides pointers to take data driven decisions.
  • Easy for employees: A lot of pre-boarding and post-boarding activities can be simplified by Automation. That makes life of employee easy and maintains consistency across different branches.
  • Security: Automation maintains security of the data. Employee’s data is very much secured with the software as it has password protection and limited access. Its very important at the time of onboarding and off-boarding employees.

HR data plays a critical role in shaping business strategy. And hence automation helps to increase your overall business performance too!

-Mayuri Shende

Sunday 19 March 2023

Recruitment is like a Marketing!

Candidates are not taking you seriously as a recruiter. Not able to interact confidently with candidates? Then this blog is for you!

What is a recruitment pitch? It’s a clear statement where the recruiter tells a prospective candidate about the company, the role, the company culture & values, etc.

These are a few tips that you can assume when practicing a recruitment pitch!
  • Greet the candidate: When reciting a recruitment pitch, you are approaching them because you found their profiles interesting. If you greet them in the beginning, it will give a friendly touch to your discussion. This ads personalisation that will capture candidates’ attention.
  • Company background: This part can help the candidate to understand about the company and to decide whether it would be a good fit for them. Highlighting good things about the company helps the candidate to take decision.
  • Finish it with the call to action: While ending the conversation, thank candidates for their valuable time and inform them further steps. Call to action can include taking an email confirmation, steps to schedule the interview etc.
The "pitch" is the first impression that a candidate has of the company, and hence it’s the first step in the application process. Candidates consider the recruitment pitch to understand the role and decide whether it is suitable for them or not.

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Wednesday 15 March 2023

Having a great onboarding process is the key to the growth of your business!!

Welcoming new hires to your organisation is an exciting process. The onboarding process can have a huge impact on an employees’ motivation, enthusiasm, and performance. The onboarding process for every industry is different as their goals, principles, and job skills are different.

Here are four quick tips to improve your onboarding programs.
  • Use automation: Traditional onboarding practices will sound little dry. Use of automate forms, automated reminders for document submission, video trainings, policy education will create a great impact on candidates and can be saved for future use as well.
  • Personalise the experience: Personalised gifts can be sent to their addresses before their date of joining with some creative note on it.
  • Keep their first day anxiety free: Be it fresher or experienced people they will always be excited for their new job. Cloud based office access, security protocols can ruin their excitement. Keep it simple for them.
  • Introduction: Introduce with their team personally. Also, encourage other employees to introduce themselves.
By following these practices, you can transform onboarding process from boring to exciting. You will start noticing the difference in the productivity of the employees.

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Monday 13 March 2023

Candidate Sourcing

Not able to find a great hire for your business? Failing to identify skilled candidates? To achieve it, start looking for talent where no one else is looking. Recruiters who dig deeper at the time of sourcing can help your business find a great hire.

Here are some tips to help identify the hidden talent:
  • Start looking beyond famous institutes: Many recruiters have the point of view that students from well-known institutes have more knowledge. But if you follow this approach, you will miss the great talent. Different sourcing websites or social media can be used to source candidates.
  • Prefer transferable skills: These are the skills that are not limited to the specific industry such as communication, management, problem-solving etc. Transferable skills can be identified by giving real client scenarios during the interview.
  • Be creative with search terms: More common method is to use the job title as a keyword. But if you only use the job title as the keyword, then you will get limited candidates. Try other keywords which are related to the industry as well. There could be typing errors in skills. So always try different combinations of spellings.
To find great hires, the same old techniques won’t work. Try changing it and starting using new, smart techniques.

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Sunday 12 March 2023

Candidates not answering your calls?

This is a typical and frequent occurrence that repeats in the life of a recruiter. Furthermore, feeling under pressure from another department to fill such positions can be quite upsetting.

Here, communication and responsiveness are the first two important factors.

These are a few explanations for the candidates' lack of response to your calls. Look at that!

They might be unavailable when you call: Please research the candidate's industry, employer, and work hours before calling. It's more likely they won't answer the phone if you call them during business hours. In our opinion, the optimum time to call will be between 1 and 2 in the afternoon, or between 5:30 and 8:00 in the evening, or on their day off. Just ask them whether it's a good time to chat if you're calling them during the workday. Then carry on with the conversation.

Talk gently on the phone: Before making a call, thoroughly grasp the JD and be ready with the company profile, industry, designation, and job responsibilities. Talk clearly and slowly. Allow the candidate to also speak. As a recruiter, you need to sale the open position to the candidate. How will you sell the job if you are not communicating it very well.

Last but just not the least, have the questions you want to ask the candidate prepared. You'll find it useful when speaking with the candidate.

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-Mayuri Shende

Friday 10 March 2023

Communication is the lifeline of every relationship!

Are you concerned about the interview process? Considering the best way to conduct a pleasant interview? You must be concerned as a hiring manager that the interview shouldn't be conducted like an interrogation. The information should be exchanged in both directions during the interview. The most boring approach to conduct an interview is to ask questions and have the candidate respond.

A fruitful interview reveals the candidates' advantages and disadvantages while keeping their curiosity about your business. These are three brief guidelines for conducting a successful interview.
  • Listen more speak less: The most effective method of communication is active listening. Great listeners make candidates to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident.
  • Ask follow-up questions: One way to maintain lively communication is to ask follow-up questions.. Asking follow-up questions send signals to speaker that you are interested.
  • Prefer open-ended questions: Open ended questions give more chance to speak rather than Yes, no questions. You will learn about a candidate's motivation, aspirations, worries, etc.
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Tuesday 7 March 2023

Be curious not judgmental!

Is it necessary for every woman to be a "superwoman"? Why can't she be just a woman? Is it mandatory to manage home and office both? What if she just wants to focus on her career? Is focusing on your career a bad thing? On the occasion of International Women's Day, let's stop pressuring women to become Superwoman! Let us stop looking at women through the same old glasses. 

It should be totally her choice to decide her focus area. It is totally fine if she just wants to focus on her career. Women are growing in every field. Many of them are handling the most complex tasks. But we should accept that today's generation is supporting their wife, sister, or daughter to focus on their careers rather than home and it's a good change.

We at Aidewiser, help you to land your dream job. Also, we promise women entrepreneurs that we will be your recruitment partner and help you to get great hires for your business. 

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Sunday 5 March 2023

Candidate ghosting- the worst nightmare!

Are you experiencing your worst nightmare as a business owner—an employee who fades away? If so, don't ignore it. Start preventing problems now! A recent trend among candidates is ghosting.
This is how the ghosting narrative begins! After a successful round of interviews, the hiring managers decided that this is ‘the one’ and released the offer. Following that, the applicant stops receiving calls, stopped replying to messages, and changed into a GHOST.

You must now be thinking, "How do I avoid this? Or halt this? Unorganised recruitment process are one of the things that cause applicants to disappear. The key here is communication between the employer and the applicant. The candidate might decide to ghost you if they don't hear back from the company on the next steps. First impression is everything, thus the recruitment process is crucial in preventing candidate ghosting.

Because applicant ghosting occurs far too frequently, hiring managers may become even more frustrated. But don’t worry, we are prepared to defend you against candidate ghosting.

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Thursday 2 March 2023

Next to excellence is the appreciation of it!

The cornerstone of management has always been employee appreciation. But, in a talent war environment, the employee is now more crucial than ever. Making appreciation programmes will be a wonderful starting point in the retention process. As we have a genuine desire for appreciation from our parents and teachers when we are young, employees will likewise have a similar expectation of their bosses.

Recognising employees' contributions to the business's success is known as employee appreciation. The following are a few ways to recognise an employee's efforts:

  • Thank you note!
  • Award functions
  • Special benefits
Higher job satisfaction is always correlated with employee appreciation. Workers who don't feel appreciated find it difficult to promote their employer positively, which harms the employer's reputation. A great workplace must have recognition, and it doesn't have to be challenging or costly.

Find out which form of appreciation means the most to your staff by asking them. You will be surprised to learn how simple and sincere gestures of gratitude motivate people to work hard.

On this Employee Appreciation Day, let's all promise to show our appreciation for the employees!

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Let us create a better workplace with Zero discrimination!

Zero Discrimination Day is a yearly international event that celebrates diversity and acknowledges that everyone has the equal right to live lives free from bias based on factors such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation, and others. Across all industries, organisations usually place a high priority on fostering an inclusive and anti-discriminatory culture. 

The obvious motivation to increase diversity and inclusion in any company is to provide an equal environment where as many people as possible can flourish. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, a firm will gain more from the ideas and skills of its diverse workforce when they are valued and given the opportunity to succeed. There is greater access to various point of views, skill sets, creative visions, perspectives, and experiences in an inclusive, varied workplace. A corporation is more likely to produce cutting-edge goods and services for its customers because of this. 

Although it is quite clear that diversity and inclusion are beneficial to employees in many ways, being diverse for business purposes can also be advantageous. Diversity at work is essential for boosting an organization's production and profitability. 

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