Monday 30 January 2023

Have you heard of the three Cs of career growth?

Do you want career growth? Then make a note of these three Cs.

These are the three things you need to focus on in your career if you want to scale up the work ladder and find long-term professional success.

  • Courses/content: You need resources related to your career that will teach you something new and give you a new perspective.
  • Coaching: In order to truly grow your career, you need a trained expert or a mentor, somebody who can help you interpret what you're learning, especially if you hit roadblock.
  • Community: You have to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are working on the same problem or chasing the same goal. 
These three Cs will ignite the growth of your career!

Friday 27 January 2023

A strong Employer Brand speaks for itself!!!

Are you concerned about finding ways to retain competent employees? or on how to find new talents? Then, you must focus on "Employer branding".

What does "employer branding" mean? It is your company's reputation among your employees and the market. Simply put, it's the company's reputation as a desirable place to work. It's also how you promote your company to potential candidates and internal employees. 

So now the question is, who is responsible for employer branding? HR immediately comes to mind as it relates to employees. If the business is making official efforts to develop and market its employer brand, then the response is valid.

Employer branding is crucial in onboarding new talent and retaining experienced employees. The reputation of the business is important during the hiring process. According to statistics, a company with lower employee brand value in the market will not attract applicants or retain employees. A high retention rate can lower hiring costs significantly, and a strong employer brand will draw more applications, which will speed up the hiring process if you're looking to onboard fresh talent.

Employer branding has become a must across all sectors. Companies are now attempting to integrate branding strategies into internal corporate cultures and employee experiences in addition to external hiring programmes.

Start working on it now if you haven’t before it's too late!

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Such U-Turns can be a threat to your business!

Following a great resignation, businesses are seeing a reversal when individuals join their previous employers instead of staying with their present employers. This could be referred to as making a U-turn in your career. As a result, the term "Infant Mortality" was created to describe the phenomenon of new hires returning to their old workplace after realising they are not a good fit for the organisation. 

The client-facing positions in the technology, start-up, and consumer industries are undergoing such a movement. On the other hand, getting our former, trained employee back is advantageous for the employee's former company. 

This trend, according to sources, was seen at the junior or middle senior levels. This is primarily seen in the tech and e-commerce industries, where many workers are unable to connect with their new employers. According to a study, employees who have worked remotely and haven't gone into a real workplace are affected by this problem. One of the reasons the employee made this U-turn may also have to do with not preserving employee perks. 

Engaging with employees from the time a candidate accepts an offer until the date of joining can help to prevent such issues. They may be excited to join the new organisation if they are informed about corporate policies, employee benefits, leave policies, bonus policies, etc. 

At the time of the interview, we at AideWiser give the candidate a brief overview of the company to help them better understand the culture, employee benefits, etc. This reduces the likelihood of "infant mortality" for your company. Share your needs with us so we can help your company avoid these problems!

-Mayuri Shende

Monday 23 January 2023

What do employees want from organisation?

Today, there is a gap between job vacancies and the hiring process because of the hustle culture. Employees leverage this to increase their revenue, new jobs, and better benefits.

So what do Employees need at an organization?

Higher compensation
Mental peace
Remote work & Flexibility
Transparent hiring process
Positive candidate experience.

The change is constant and the organization which adapts to the needs of the candidates rises above all or loses out top talents who will boost their business.

Aidewiser Soltek Aims to bridge the gap between organizations and employees. Send in your resumes today to secure your positions in your desired company

Saturday 21 January 2023

Not every hire is a good hire!!

 The cost of hiring someone incorrectly is much more than missing out on someone good!

Are you concerned about new hires as an owner? Are newcomers not adjusting or performing poorly? Do you want to know how long it takes to get a new employee adjusted? Then you should read this blog!

If it’s been just a week with the new talent and you start doubting them, then we suggest giving them time. It takes three to six months to become comfortable with the office setting, co-workers or managers, and the nature of the work. As new employees, they have several concerns to address.

If new talents are not doing well even after six months, then it's time to think about another way around, i.e., the candidate is not the right fit for the position.

Here are a few warning signs that someone is not the right fit for your business–

Lack of skills: It matters to have theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, it is probable that you will evaluate a candidate's theoretical skill set during the interview. If they have the abilities you're seeking, you will hire them and count on their performance. However, if they don't live up to your expectations, you should contact their references to confirm their skills.

Unwillingness to adapt to change: The only constant is change. Someone is not the proper hire for your business if they are unwilling to adjust to changes in policy, surroundings, or workplace culture.

Not delivering work on time: All industries place a high priority on meeting deadlines. Employees are showing they are unhappy with their job or don't care if they are not sticking to the deadlines.

An incorrect hire will have an impact on the organisation's finances and project deadlines. Unfit hires inflict significant harm to many businesses.

By using AideWiser to find candidates, you can protect your business from such situations. At AideWiser, we conduct thorough screening procedures to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for you.

-Mayuri Shende

Thursday 19 January 2023

Diversity is the mix and Inclusion is making the mix work!

Employers today understand how important it is to promote inclusion and diversity at work. By hiring individuals from a variety of backgrounds and levels of seniority, prospective employers have access to different methods and can spot new markets for their products. According to the report, 73% of firms believe that diversity is crucial for fostering original and creative thinking within the organisation.

What precisely is diversity recruiting, then? Diversity recruiting refers to the process of selecting employees based solely on their qualifications and disregarding a candidate's gender, age, colour, religion, sexual preference, race or other personal traits. It is the method of hiring that is devoid of prejudice in favour of or against a certain set of people.

An inclusive recruitment process connects with, interviews, and hires a diverse group of people by appreciating and respecting their many perspectives and histories. An inclusive work environment considers how various backgrounds, viewpoints, and beliefs might complement one another to accomplish a common objective. When you hire a diverse workforce, your staff is challenged to think outside the box and question fresh views or ideas.

At AideWiser, we have a big talent pool that spans all levels of seniority. We place talent at the centre of our recruitment process. Get in touch with us for recruiting that values diversity and inclusion!!

-Mayuri Shende

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company!!

Have you ever had a nightmare that the information on your applicants or employees is being marketed? Data leakage is a significant worry for employers. If your data is exposed to the market, it not only results in financial loss but also harms the reputation of your business.

In the past two to three years, numerous organisations have experienced cyberattacks. Employers are responsible for protecting their employees' personal and sensitive information, including name, address, contact information, ID details, bank account numbers, email addresses, and insurance information.

In the current digital age, protecting your business from data loss is crucial. Here are a few things:

  • Periodical review of IT and security policy: You can employ the most recent technology to secure your data by regularly updating your IT and security policies.
  • Use of licensed HR software: Licensed HR software increases productivity of the HR department while securing your data.
  • Training to prevent phishing attacks: To prevent phishing assaults, regular training sessions should be conducted.

The important thing to keep in mind is that if a data breach occurs, all eyes will be on the firm and not the individuals. The hiring staff is in charge of protecting the data. Start protecting your employees' data now that you are aware of a few data security guidelines before it is too late!

To prevent market leakage, AideWiser securely maintains application data. We have solid IT policies, reliable software, safe networks, etc. To find an excellent candidate from our secured pool of talents, share your needs with us.

-Mayuri Shende

Saturday 14 January 2023

Don’t just work hard work smart!!

In the digital age, automation has sped up every process and made our lives simpler. Why then should the human resources department stay away from this automation? Automation is now being used by recruiters, cutting the hiring period down to two weeks. These factors support the use of technology in the hiring process.

  • To lighten the load: According to the report, over 50% of candidates turned down the offer as a result of a poor candidate experience. Not getting a response to a job application is a frequent occurrence for the applicant. We understand as recruiters that, this is because there are so many resumes. You can use artificial intelligence to send automatic responses to numerous recipients at once. When applicants hear back from the organisation, it leaves a good impression in their heads. 
  • Shorter hiring cycle: Automation is quite useful for screening resumes. During the application process, questions regarding the prospective candidate's necessary qualifications or degree of experience may be raised. Automation can screen out applications that don't meet your requirements, which shortens the recruiting process.
  • Easy onboarding: An automated onboarding process may guide new hires through each step, including training sessions, connecting them with co-workers, and important reminders, etc. This not only cuts down on HR's workload but also improves the organisation's reputation.

Automation reduces your workload and gives you more time to communicate with candidates directly. You can then pay attention to other important duties.

With AideWiser, you may identify qualified individuals for your firm via an automated hiring procedure. Tell us about your requirements!

-Mayuri Shende

Friday 13 January 2023

Don’t wait for the Talent war to reach your company!!

Employee’s expectations for their career and the companies they work with, have been changed post the Global Pandemic. As ‘job hopping’ is trending in new generation, retaining good employees is challenging for the companies, which in turn is causing a talent war. For employee retention, employers must recreate a workplace environment where growth and fun go hand in hand. Here are a few tips to follow to win the talent war. 
  • A healthy Work life Balance is the new personal priority of the employees: Global pandemic has changed the work culture drastically. There were no boundaries for the working hours during the pandemic. Due to which employees attitude changed towards their work or company. To provide work life balance to the employee always remember, employee is a human being and not a machine. Even if your organisation is working in hybrid model, work timetable should not intrude into the personal timetable. The delivery deadlines should be more realistic and achievable within the working hours of the employee. 
  • Rethink on talent acquisition and retention strategies: Pre-pandemic strategies will not work post pandemic as work culture has changed upside down.  Take help of recruiting vendors to lower the work stress on current employees for hiring. Establish communication with the exiting employees to understand their expectations. 
  • Redefine the company policies to make them more employee friendly: Ensure they benefit the employee and the company simultaneously. In stead of a one size fits all style of policy making, adopt a more flexible approach under which policies can be tailored to best suite the employee needs while maintaining the company profits.
Identifying loopholes in the systems or process pertaining to employees will help you to win the Talent War. 

Consider talent war as an actual war and design your winning strategy with us. We are here to help you with the entire process, from candidates on paper to candidates on your payroll.

Wednesday 11 January 2023

‘Arise, awake, and stop not until the goal is reached’ – Swami Vivekananda


Have you chosen a life objective? Both personally and professionally? Did you achieve your objective? If the answer is yes, then congrats to you! If not, then worry not. You'll need to put in a little more effort and the success is all yours.

This incredibly motivational quote is quoted by Swami Vivekanand-"Arise, awake, and stop not until the goal is accomplished." This means that persistence will result in success.

Swami Vivekananda always believed that individuals who are persistent, have the capacity to get over the challenges they encounter.

The generation today easily gives up due to the low patience level in the digital era. Since failure is the first step to success, we shouldn't give up if we don't achieve our goal in our first try.

Swami Vivekananda coined this phrase for Indians many years ago to motivate them to fight for their independence, yet today it is still relevant for the youth of the country. On the occasion of National Youth Day, let's vow to keep going and working towards achieving our objectives. This is going to be a sincere tribute to Swami Vivekananda.

-Mayuri Shende

Monday 9 January 2023

Quiet Quitting. What is it?

Is it putting down your papers silently or slipping your resignation letter under your boss’s door and avoid talking to him entirely?

Well, no it is not. Quiet quitting is the latest trend among Gen Z workers owing to Global burnout. Experts say that 52% of the global workforce is burnt out. It started with the “Work from home” culture during the pandemic when our offices intruded into our personal spaces. Those huge backlogs, late night calls caused the burnout. And now as a result workers across the globe have started Quiet Quitting. 

What does Quiet Quitting actually mean? It means quietly withdrawing and disengaging from work and doing the bare minimum. Not showing enthusiasm to go over and above, performing below average or just the average so that you stay on the job. While this is exactly the kind of behaviour employees are not expected to show, it has now become a global trend. We may be even part of the trend and not know entirely. 

If you’re quite quitting at your workplace, stop it right now! Now, before you decide to close this page and decide not to read this article further, give it a few minutes to understand why I say this.

I understand the pandemic has taken a toll on us both physically and emotionally. And hence people are withdrawing not just from work but also from a lot of things. So, the question we need to ask ourselves is, while it is understandable, is it right? While not biting more than you can chew is good, spending time with your family is good, not stretching over the weekend is good, and not being flexible is not a very good quality to have, especially if you aim to grow in your career. And remember over a period of time such behaviour will be noticed and reflect poorly on your appraisal. This is exactly the kind of thing that will negatively impact your bonus and hike. So, what is the right thing to do?

1) If you are tired of constantly overworking and cannot take it anymore, talk to your manager. 

2) Take a break, rejuvenate and upscale yourself and come back to work to give your 100%.

3) If you are not enjoying what you’re doing, then switch.

If none of the above work then quit but do not quite quit. While it is good to stay up to date with global trends, one needs to be wise about which one to adopt.

-Mayuri Shende

Saturday 7 January 2023

Now the tables have turned!!

Have you ever heard of a "Talent War"? The battle for attracting and retaining talent is referred to as the Talent War. Many businesses today, especially those in the IT sector, are struggling with this problem.

The IT industry, which is referred to as the "back office of the world," is experiencing a staffing crisis, even at well-known companies. It is difficult for companies to retain talent. It was sparked by people's willingness to seize new chances. Additionally, candidates can quickly apply for positions abroad.

In just six months, 86% of Indian professionals begin seeking new jobs, according to the report. The organisation finds it difficult to match candidates' salary expectations as a result.

AideWiser assists you in finding qualified and suitable personnel. We determine employee preferences and evaluate how well they correspond with the strategy and procedures of the organisation before recommending appropriate candidates. We are specialised in IT and Non-IT recruitment.

-Mayuri Shende

Thursday 5 January 2023

Recruitment consultants – helping hand of business

Employees are the pillars of your organisation and recruiting agencies or staffing agencies are the helping hand. Knowledgeable employees help your organisation to grow. Sourcing suitable and knowledgeable employees is a tough task.  

Recruitment partners reduce the organisation's work of headhunting and maintaining trackers with the details of candidates, scheduling an Interview etc. Hiring vendors give sanitised data for review of the organisation which will help you to take quick decision. Teamwork always gets the best output. 

We at AideWiser SolTek provide you with end-to-end recruitment from analysis to onboarding of the candidate. We have experienced team members to handle the recruitment process. 

For more details, please visit or drop an email with your requirement.

-Mayuri Shende

Tuesday 3 January 2023

Right JD will save a lot.

Job descriptions provide potential candidates their first impression of the organisation. It is a crucial first step in attracting prospective employees. Write a job description while paying attention to the following points.

1. Keep it brief and to the point: It should highlight the core values and primary responsibilities. More candidates apply when the job description is concise and straightforward. Additionally, incorporate keywords into your job description to broaden the audience for your posting.

2. Clearly state the required skills: The applicant will read this section of the job description, so it is crucial. The job description must accurately and completely define the required skills in order to draw in qualified candidates.

3. Get feedback from current workers: Get opinions on the job description's tone, language, skills, etc. from current workers. Current employees may have opinions on how it is communicated.

4. Keep it original: Avoid using templates from the internet or copying and pasting previous job descriptions. When creating a job description, consider the ideal candidate's profile.

To avoid making undesirable hires, employers should place emphasis on the organization's vision and motto in addition to the typical job description elements.

-Mayuri Shende