Monday 27 February 2023

Application Tracking system: Your assistant in great hiring!

Being a mid-scale organisation, have you ever tried using Automatic techniques for hiring?

As per recent study, employers who use applicant tracking systems (ATS) are more likely to attract, recognise, and hire the top candidates quickly in the current job market. On the other hand, individuals that do not make use of modern recruitment tools and methods will undoubtedly fall short of their hiring goals.

The entire employment process may be enhanced, and applicant tracking systems can alleviate some of the most significant pain points related to hiring and talent acquisition efforts.

The following are some benefits of an applicant tracking system.
  • Cut back on administrative work: You may expedite the hiring process and free up a tonne of time for more crucial activities by using an ATS programme. Put an end to manually posting each job on a job board and sending each follow-up email. You can complete all of these tasks with a few clicks using an ATS.
  • Improved CV Screening: For recruiters, screening CVs is an extremely tedious task. Using algorithms, an ATS automates the initial comparison of each application to the job specifications. Those that don't fulfil the minimum standards are rejected, and the remaining candidates are rated based on qualifying indications. By doing this, recruiters can avoid wasting time on unsuitable candidates and becoming too worn out to recognise good profiles. 
  • Shorten the hiring process: Having all candidate data compiled and organised on a single platform allows recruiters to get a quick overview of the hiring process. Automatic communication features shorten the recruitment cycle, making it easier to follow up with candidates and advance them to the next stage. An applicant tracking system, in general, enables recruiters to create and implement a more effective workflow.
In addition to this, ATS also strengthens the company brand by improving the candidate experience.
You have the option to automate the hiring process with the help of AideWiser. Send us an email with your requirements or visit our website.

Thursday 23 February 2023

How to Make a Good Video Resume (Tips & Examples)

1. Self-introduction: Your name, the position you’re applying for, and your experience level. Something as simple as, “Hello, my name is Matt and I’m a graphic designer with 7 years of experience in the travel industry” should be enough.

2. Say why you’re applying for the position: Tell them why you’re interested in the role you’re applying for and show your passion for the job. Make it specific, not generic.

3. Include key accomplishments: Give a quick summary of relevant accomplishments throughout your career. Keep it brief (1-2 achievements) and make sure to quantify your accomplishments.

4. Add recommendations (optional): If you have good feedback from previous employers or clients, use a snippet as proof of the expertise and accomplishments you just mentioned.

5. Closing: Re-iterate why you’re interested in the position

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Happiness is not just a mood, it’s a work ethic!!

Are employees not satisfied with the workplace? It can have an impact on your company's expansion.

Without the appropriate people, a firm will not be competitive in the long run, even if it has the resources to support the best product in the world. People who are unhappy or dissatisfied won't be very helpful!

A dedicated leader who cares for their team and creates a positive and inspiring work environment will see success. Every employee's potential will be maximised by a committed effort to improve workplace happiness. The complete potential of every employee cannot be realised if there is no committed effort to increase workplace satisfaction. Motivating employees in small ways can have a big impact on their engagement and productivity.

Tips to increase the happiness index at work:
  • A healthy Work-life balance
  • Social involvement
  • Time-Offs
The spread of joy can be extremely rapid. It gives off a good energy that cascades down through all organisational levels. The aforementioned advice can greatly assist in raising the workplace happiness index, which will promote employee retention, boost productivity, and improve profit margins.

Friday 17 February 2023

Candidates with curiosity is the one of the greatest secrets of success!!

When you concentrate on your business, you need employees who are worth your investment. Curiosity may propel your firm forward, while being organised, innovative, and a team player are the minimum criteria. Here is a closer look at the benefits of recruiting inquisitive individuals for your business.

People who are curious about how things function are more likely to not only identify the issue but also find a solution. This becomes crucial for your company.

In a 40-minute interview, it can be difficult to detect whether an applicant is curious. Inquiring about a candidate's most recent learning is an excellent way to gauge their level of interest. Excitement while answering this question can help you to judge the curiosity of the candidates. 

People who are naturally curious can adapt more easily as technology advances. However, a quick pace of change isn't always welcome. For those who are curious, change is incredibly exciting. They have the chance to learn more, ask more questions, and remain interested. The success of your team and business depends on the curiosity of those who may not have all the answers but are driven to seek them out.

For more curious candidates, share your requirement with us!

-Mayuri Shende

Wednesday 15 February 2023

Hyper-personalisation – A next big wave in HR industry

In the world of marketing, hyper-personalization is popular. What if the HR sector is also influenced by this idea? Employees of today want a workplace that is highly tailored, which creates a need for hyper-personalisation. It is important to reach the right audience with the correct message at the right moment. It is a subset of people marketing.

Applying the marketing concept to human resources in an effort to get to know their staff members better is known as "people marketing." In the current age of the Talent War, it is quite helpful to recruit new employees and retain current ones.

Each employee has unique aspirations for their life. A small percentage of employees are driven by money, whereas others are motivated by work-life balance. Employees will be happier if you, as an employer, let them select their own benefits from a list of options. Individualising employee benefits, financial and asset management choices, and learning and career development alternatives can assist businesses in luring in fresh talent and retaining seasoned employees. As an employer, you must design compelling experiences for the entire workforce.

With hyper-personalisation, businesses can handle the shifting demands of their workforce in the digital age and stay competitive.

-Mayuri Shende

Monday 13 February 2023

My job is my Valentine! - A candidate placed by AideWiser

How many workers have requested tomorrow's leave? Many people are arranging special dates with their ideal partners as Valentine's Day draws near. Have you ever viewed Valentine's Day from a unique perspective? Do you think Recruitment Day and Valentine's Day are similar? Sorry for the unlovely analogy, but as recruitment consultants, we love hiring for your company and tend to compare everything to recruitment.

Finding "The One" is the main goal of dating and recruitment. There are numerous screening alternatives in both the procedures. Every procedure has seen a significant transformation in the technological era. LinkedIn is used for recruiting, whereas Tinder is used for dating. Interested in similarities? This is it!

Profile shortlisting: To choose a life partner, you must read the entire profiles on different apps like tinder and comprehend the expectations, mental processes, and background. Recruitment falls under the same umbrella. As an employer, you must study a candidate's CV or LinkedIn profile to learn about their goals, ambitions, skills, and way of thinking.

Spark: When looking for a life companion, the individual should possess that spark in addition to kindness, respect for one another, and balanced behaviour. When it comes to hiring, candidates should possess both the technical knowledge and the "spark" or "sharpness." This spark can make the candidate ‘a good fit’

Face-to-face interaction: A face-to-face meeting is necessary to determine whether the person is ideal as a life partner. In the hiring process, this is referred to as an "interview."

Background Verification: Background verification is also crucial at the time of selecting life partner and employee.

Now that you know why we compared Valentine's Day to recruiting, I hope it makes sense. The only distinction is that we can assist you in finding the ideal candidates; but for suitable partner, we can only wish you luck!

We will help you to find your next workmate. To begin a new relationship with us, let us know your requirements!

-Mayuri Shende

Friday 10 February 2023

Sometimes slowing down is necessary to improve performance in the long run!!

Downshifting, as the phrase suggests, is the deliberate slowing down of a vehicle through a change in gear. Finding the right moment to downshift takes practice for the driver. When a job or work environment is compared to a vehicle, downshifting can be employed to maintain employees' work-life balance.

Downshifting is to reduce one's professional obligations in order to achieve a better work-life balance. Regardless of seniority, downshifting may be a preferable option to resigning.

In the past, it was a choice made by elderly individuals as a form of early retirement. Prior to retirement, people used to change their full-time jobs to part-time jobs due to their physical condition or other interests. Downshifting can be the ideal alternative for employees who are anxious or dissatisfied with their work environment to achieve some relaxation. Position and job stress are inextricably linked.

Downshifting is the finest incentive to make today's generation happy because, work-life balance has become a new priority for them. It also boosts productivity and employee retention, two crucial business variables. Employees, on the other hand, benefit from the better work-life balance, good mental health, and job satisfaction.

Employer branding may benefit from offering these incentives without employees asking for them.
What more does an employer desire besides employee retention, a positive corporate brand, and increased productivity? If you haven't already, begin your efforts in that direction!

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Let us remove the barriers in the path of our success!

Even unconscious bias can have a negative effect on the hiring process. A company may pass on some excellent new hires if hiring managers or recruiters have preconceived notions.

By omitting information like a candidate's name, age, gender, socioeconomic background, etc. and focusing solely on their talents, blind hiring reduces bias in the hiring process. Using blind recruiting methods helps to increase diversity at your company. Large corporations are developing blind recruiting techniques.

The bias starts during the screening of resumes. The removal of a candidate's name, photo, year of graduation, age, and address from their resume is known as the most popular kind of blind hiring or resume masking. However, in order to adopt this approach, the screening procedure must be automated; otherwise, HR will have to spend a lot of time on it. Pre-hire testing is the second most popular and simple method of blind hiring. The tests can be run and analysed using software.

The recruiting process is not blind because of our own unintentional prejudice. Our workplace will be more equitable as long as we continue to grow and learn to set our biases aside.

AideWiser uses a blind hiring procedure to create an inclusive environment for the businesses.

Monday 6 February 2023

What colour should I use on a Resume?

Blue is the best third colour/accent for a resume and should be used along with black and white.

A Black, White, and Blue colour scheme will appear modern, and trustworthy, and grab the reader’s attention.

Beyond Blue, other good choices include Green.
Whichever colour you choose, make sure there’s good contrast so that your resume is easy to read.

And remember, there’s no perfect colour for a resume since the goal of your resume is simply to draw the reader’s attention to the content and show them that you’d be a great fit for the job.

So creating the perfect resume isn’t about finding the perfect colour, it’s about having content that’s tailored to the job.

For your dream job, share your resume with us!

Friday 3 February 2023

The news which is good for everyone!!

India has again proven that continuous learning is important for us to grow together as a Country!

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the commencement of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) 4.0 on budget day. What is PMKVY? The National Skill Development Corporation of India has launched this endeavour to standardise skills.

The objective of the programme is to give young people access to industry-relevant opportunities that will safeguard their future. The Finance Minister has launched scheme named PMKVY 4.0, which covers new age areas including AI, robotics, mechatronics, IOT, 3D printing, drones, and soft skills. To prepare young people for opportunities abroad, the government plans to establish 30 Skill India International Centers in various states.

When young people get the chance to develop their industry-specific skill set, that helps them land their ideal career, and at the same time, businesses find suitable candidates.
AideWiser can serve as a link between employers looking for ideal talent and young people hoping to land their dream career.

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Career Cushioning

After a great resignation, industries experienced quite quitting and moonlighting. Now, a trend known as "career cushioning" awaits industries. Career cushioning is the practice of creating a plan B to survive mass layoffs. Many employees lost their jobs because they were trained for one type of technology. In today's digital age, technology is always evolving.

Employees are upskilling and making plans for other careers to withstand unexpected layoffs. They are enrolling in a variety of certification programmes to learn the new skills. Particularly in the tech sector, this trend is seen.

If an employee improves his skills, he will leave his current employer in search of a new opportunity. Let's consider the situation from the perspective of the employer. Is "career cushioning" bad for the business? Depending on your point of view, the response to this question could be different.

Let us know what you think as an employer in the comments!!