Saturday 10 February 2024

What's your story of rising from failure?

It often damages confidence, interrupts fairy tales, breaks hearts, but what exactly? Talking about failures in life, how do we deal with it? 
Abhiram mentioned, “Ahh! I feel the initial stage of life is like a trial ball, so fortunately did not face any failure as of now whereas Kalpesh summarised a wonderful philosophy. “Nothing can be called a failure. Those are the mistakes that can be corrected if I dedicate myself to them.”
Moving forward, Madhavi said, “I failed to step out of my comfort zone, failed to believe in my potential, then what? Overcome this by being confident, being a consistent learner and realising my true potential!”

I wonder who doesn't go through the fear and failure of exams? Similarly, Rishav expressed, “I had an ambition to crack the NDA exam. In the first attempt, I failed in the interview round and in the second attempt I couldn't clear the written exam. It hurts, but in the end, it's about learning and moving on to experience the awaiting destination!”

This made me realise that to reach where you wish to be, you have to go through heartbreaks and setbacks! 

Rachana mam talked about how she learned the importance of standing up for herself through her own failures.

At last, Pranav Sir revealed, “My first startup canvas career failed due to immature decisions. However, I rectified it by implementing the learnings that I took away from my failure. Now, with AideWiser, those lessons have fueled rapid growth and success. With the presence of a skillful and dedicated team, we are constantly improving and aiming to disrupt the recruitment market!”

It was an extraordinary activity that took us to the conclusion consistency matters; failure only comes from trying. Learn, try again, and taste success. Failure may be a temporary disappointment, but it strengthens you for a better comeback! 

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