Sunday 8 October 2023


In this world of job hunting, we have explored diverse perspectives from an employer's perspective to a client's perspective but still there remains an unrevealed perspective of candidates. 

Candidates primarily put extreme efforts in crafting their resume in which the pointers and statements do not only define their qualifications and skills but also the countless hard work, dedication and the fire to present their unique identity in the market. Every interview and job opportunity opens a new chapter or closes the previous one but the takeaway of candidates always remains the same, which is learnings and hopes. The job search is a rollercoaster of emotions – from the elation of landing an interview to the frustration of rejection. Candidates often keep these feelings private, but they're a significant part of the journey.

Altogether, the perspective of a candidate seems to be a window to the world of dedication, determination, perseverance and optimistic approach along with hidden struggles. 

How crucial is candidate's perspective according to you? 

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